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Joanna has hosted a range of events together with exclusive clients like Topshop & Warehouse. With ease, she lends her charisma to Weddings & Corporate events. She's discovered a passion for moderating panels and discussions with local artistes!

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Her starting point in the industry came at the age of 10 when Joanna began singing at live events. A veteran performer with over 200 shows to her name, she's no stranger to the stage. With a guitarist and a playlist of Top 40s, Jazz and Pop, Joanna can add that melodic touch to your evening.

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Voice Overs

Joanna is a full-time Radio Presenter and Producer with Power 98 Love Songs. She helms the Day show, Power Up from 9AM-12PM.  You can rely on Joanna to provide you with professionally produced VO work with quick delivery for your business and event needs.

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